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Discussion of Problem 1232. Asteroid Landing

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WA 7 Catalin Cocis1232. Asteroid Landing23 Apr 2010 23:341  
1232! Checking program must be published!svr1232. Asteroid Landing3 Aug 2007 18:471  
Accepted from the first attempt! (but attack number 3)ACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1232. Asteroid Landing8 Jul 2006 02:391  
Useful information.xakac [BMSTU]1232. Asteroid Landing20 Sep 2004 17:471  
I sloved this problem in plane, is this corret?DEF1232. Asteroid Landing18 Aug 2003 19:371  
TO Admins: I think it wasn't fair to exclude prob 1063 from the problemset.Nemets Ilya1232. Asteroid Landing8 Mar 2003 13:031  
Could you tell me the coordinates of the space station? z = h, how about x and y?Safe Bird (USU)1232. Asteroid Landing9 Nov 2002 13:104  

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