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Discussion of Problem 1244. Gentlemen

help me please #14MassterMax🤔`~1244. Gentlemen28 Jun 2020 15:332  
Hint if you have TL on big tests (# >= 15)PrankMaN1244. Gentlemen13 May 2020 21:000  
useful test case!!!!jlcastrillon1244. Gentlemen30 Aug 2018 18:196  
if you got WA in test14. read this!Dang Quang Huy1244. Gentlemen15 Oct 2017 17:311  
Я не знаю почему такMahilewets1244. Gentlemen19 Jul 2017 20:371  
WA on #8 Sarvagya Agarwal1244. Gentlemen11 May 2017 11:041  
WA #14? This "dead" test is for you!!!Vedernikoff Sergey1244. Gentlemen11 Nov 2014 22:586  
What's the correct answer for these tests? Have a look...Alexey1244. Gentlemen23 Jan 2014 21:297  
Can anybody tell me what algorithm shoul de usedShoh RAMBO1244. Gentlemen23 Oct 2013 20:102  
WA7pmartynov1244. Gentlemen9 Feb 2013 00:590  
My WA7Velea Alex1244. Gentlemen14 Jan 2011 20:560  
TO ADMINShoan1244. Gentlemen29 Nov 2010 23:280  
wa#12Crash_access_violation1244. Gentlemen20 Feb 2010 16:576  
How could be it solvedXan Tei Jun1244. Gentlemen29 Oct 2009 19:141  
WA7. Who can help me?Programmer1244. Gentlemen4 Feb 2009 03:500  
TLE #17Mat Bi1244. Gentlemen22 Dec 2008 17:500  
what was wrong with my program ? i WA in #1 ?Nguyễn Cảnh Toàn1244. Gentlemen29 Nov 2008 18:280  
any hint ?Locomotive1244. Gentlemen23 Aug 2008 22:024  
I need some help plz HELP me!Нищий Наглец1244. Gentlemen31 Dec 2007 20:134  
I've got AC.Just try this testdatalonelycorn1244. Gentlemen28 Dec 2007 20:130  

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