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Discussion of Problem 1245. Pictures

I got WA#3! Please give me some hints about this test.{AESC USU} Evgeny Kurpilyanskij1245. Pictures24 Sep 2012 18:166  
If you've get WA#9 try this:Fly [Yaroslavl_SU]1245. Pictures14 Oct 2011 13:461  
I think my program is right, but it get WA!Grebnov Ilya[ISPU]1245. Pictures14 Oct 2011 13:405  
WA#3hoan1245. Pictures30 Nov 2010 22:160  
Here some tests... They saved me...KIEV_lyceum_№145 (Grinenko,Kalugin,Ryjouk)1245. Pictures30 Nov 2010 22:151  
C++ Compilation errorHatred1245. Pictures12 Feb 2010 16:400  
Mistake in statementFyodor Menshikov1245. Pictures12 May 2009 14:001  
test16 sich_off (ONPU)1245. Pictures26 Feb 2009 23:350  
why answer for test from statement is 40000?Rumter (3)1245. Pictures13 Nov 2008 19:551  
To admin: Incorrect test 7Beksinski1245. Pictures21 Mar 2008 02:091  
Why WA #8 ?xiao1245. Pictures27 Apr 2006 20:290  
Test 2TestT1245. Pictures23 Feb 2005 13:000  
Problem 1245 was rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1245. Pictures24 Oct 2004 02:290  
Are there any solutions faster than O(nlogn)?Yaroslavtsev Grigory1245. Pictures17 Sep 2004 01:400  
Coordinates can be negative!Stupnikov Pavel1245. Pictures15 Sep 2004 21:411  
Who can give me some testdatas?I got WA:(awts1245. Pictures8 Jun 2003 18:140  
why my codes got WA, who can give me some testdata please?BShell1245. Pictures16 May 2003 15:580  
Can the spots overlay?(-)zhangqi1245. Pictures11 May 2003 21:261  
CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY PROGRAM??beiyz1245. Pictures21 Mar 2003 18:280  
what's wrong with this code?(+)James1245. Pictures16 Mar 2003 20:000  

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