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Discussion of Problem 1248. Sequence Sum

I was trying to solve it using C++Mahilewets1248. Sequence Sum2 Jul 2017 18:300  
Why i don't get AC?novopashinwm1248. Sequence Sum4 Mar 2015 19:480  
WA 8Lesha1248. Sequence Sum26 Sep 2014 12:150  
Почему моя программа выдаёт неправельный ответ на 6 вопрос?Criss0091248. Sequence Sum9 Apr 2013 17:422  
Test on WA#2 alsoDawid Drozd1248. Sequence Sum20 Mar 2013 03:342  
Help me.... WA 6DR. Zhihua Lai1248. Sequence Sum2 Dec 2011 03:550  
Look out!!!HybridTheory1248. Sequence Sum8 Jun 2011 20:154  
help, plz, plz, plz ...hoan1248. Sequence Sum13 Apr 2011 15:271  
Just No round or trunc!!Sxcyd1248. Sequence Sum15 Nov 2010 17:380  
HintProba1248. Sequence Sum9 Nov 2010 00:290  
Output formatFyodor Menshikov1248. Sequence Sum6 Sep 2010 19:421  
BigDecimal in Java work nice :)OSt [Vologda SPU]1248. Sequence Sum28 Mar 2010 15:530  
Why "Compilation error"Demelition1248. Sequence Sum14 Sep 2006 19:191  
Pleas, give me some test.Yevgeniy1248. Sequence Sum1 Sep 2006 15:060  
IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH TEST 7??????xj.ammo1248. Sequence Sum3 Dec 2005 21:021  
people help me!!!!!!!! wa 4 give me wrong test please!!!+FAMAS+1248. Sequence Sum18 Nov 2005 16:351  
Some question... (+)Ivasyuk Roman [KPSU] (onlinehunter@gmail.com)1248. Sequence Sum1 Jul 2005 12:410  
This test saved meUNKNOWN_LAMER1248. Sequence Sum22 Jun 2005 10:143  
Hello everybody! Help me Please ;) (+)Victor Barinov (TNU)1248. Sequence Sum25 Oct 2004 15:274  
Help, please. Why my program Wrong?Aleksey Meshnikovsky1248. Sequence Sum9 Oct 2004 16:120  

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