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Discussion of Problem 1249. Ancient Necropolis

Is it really needed?maslowmw1249. Ancient Necropolis21 Aug 2019 18:330  
Use array of bitsetСонечка1249. Ancient Necropolis23 Apr 2018 20:510  
why am i getting WA in test 12Grandmaster1249. Ancient Necropolis11 Nov 2017 01:590  
test 6, rejudge, C#kasarino1249. Ancient Necropolis5 Jul 2016 09:200  
No subjectArseniy1249. Ancient Necropolis5 Jul 2016 08:151  
Visual C++ vs. G++yongwhan1249. Ancient Necropolis11 Jun 2016 03:482  
What's wrong? It's working!Дмитрий1249. Ancient Necropolis13 Apr 2016 15:570  
Some tests[MAI] Dron-elektron1249. Ancient Necropolis30 Jul 2014 23:490  
What is the answer for this test?Mickkie1249. Ancient Necropolis2 Mar 2014 20:570  
HintKingPin1249. Ancient Necropolis7 Mar 2012 07:143  
HintHakobyan Tigran (RAU)1249. Ancient Necropolis18 Jan 2011 23:350  
0.89s 129kb ACmuhammad1249. Ancient Necropolis1 Jun 2010 17:560  
The text of the problem is wrong. There should be N lines containing M characters.Tiberiu Danet1249. Ancient Necropolis13 Nov 2009 11:324  
to AdminsIbragim Atadjanov1249. Ancient Necropolis23 Sep 2009 22:452  
No subjectKALO1249. Ancient Necropolis9 Aug 2009 23:320  
what is wrong???Rockman1249. Ancient Necropolis18 Mar 2009 09:110  
Bad testsMarginean Ciprian1249. Ancient Necropolis30 Nov 2008 21:381  
WA4rohit1249. Ancient Necropolis23 May 2008 04:310  
why WA21?Experimenter (Anton Ohitin Orenburg G1)1249. Ancient Necropolis13 Mar 2008 11:410  
Why my program work so slow?Roma Labish[Lviv NU]1249. Ancient Necropolis20 Nov 2007 20:243  

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