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Discussion of Problem 1250. Sea Burial

This help understand statement about islands👑TIMOFEY👑1250. Sea Burial7 Jan 2023 18:470  
runtime c#Gerasimov Alexander Dmitrievich1250. Sea Burial18 Apr 2022 22:560  
What's the meaning of "Land fragments that are adjacent to the map's border are not considered as islands." ???XueMao1250. Sea Burial9 Dec 2018 18:402  
WA#3 :(Velter->ONPU1250. Sea Burial3 Jul 2014 02:580  
I use 'array[500,500]',then use dispose,Why momery limited?Lin1250. Sea Burial25 Nov 2012 01:451  
Странное условие.-XraY-1250. Sea Burial9 Sep 2012 19:350  
Under what condition is the island in the sea? (Pri kakom uslovii ostrov nahoditsa v more?)(<vav>)1250. Sea Burial2 Jul 2011 02:070  
What's wrong with my program??? I want TEST #12 of Problem 1250lixiang1250. Sea Burial27 Jun 2011 14:401  
if you have WA#3 swap x and y.hoan1250. Sea Burial1 Dec 2010 18:040  
Big testOpenGL1250. Sea Burial2 Feb 2009 00:431  
I AC!Piratek-(akaDK)1250. Sea Burial21 Sep 2008 23:200  
I solve it with BFS, but i still have Time Limit Exceeded.rafal1250. Sea Burial5 Aug 2008 16:422  
One tripX1250. Sea Burial5 Aug 2008 16:422  
Please, help me! What's the output for this case?plg1250. Sea Burial5 Aug 2008 16:412  
What output must be if the sea is not closed? Tell me answer for this test...Alexey1250. Sea Burial5 Aug 2008 16:403  
My program has WA#14Zubyk Taras(Khmelnitsky)1250. Sea Burial5 Aug 2008 16:382  
Eagerly want TEST #3 Of Problem 1250xiaomengxian1250. Sea Burial21 Nov 2006 18:581  
What's the meaning of "Land fragments that are adjacent to the map's border are not considered as islands." ???XueMao1250. Sea Burial25 Jan 2006 00:111  
what's wrong with my program?Lin1250. Sea Burial21 Mar 2003 17:490  
What's wrong with that code ?? -> it's so obviousuuuuuuu1250. Sea Burial16 Mar 2003 21:020  

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