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Discussion of Problem 1251. Cemetery Manager

Statement.Teacher301251. Cemetery Manager4 May 2009 18:291  
HINT I've considered many thing and got AC hardlyLove SJC1251. Cemetery Manager20 Mar 2008 14:430  
wa5 - hintDmitry "Logam" Kobelev1251. Cemetery Manager18 Jan 2008 12:490  
I'm an ACer. I want to say some truth.Safe Bird (USU)1251. Cemetery Manager25 Jan 2006 14:028  
faint...WinTokk1251. Cemetery Manager14 Sep 2005 19:560  
I got WA on test 6, Can anybody give me some tests?Here is my program.Mill1251. Cemetery Manager20 May 2004 08:120  
why does my program get "WA"?!?!Zhou Yuan1251. Cemetery Manager1 Aug 2003 13:230  
AC! At last! Thanks to Mad Mouse for advice (-)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1251. Cemetery Manager11 Jun 2003 15:590  
PROBLEMS FIXEDStanislav Vasilyev1251. Cemetery Manager22 May 2003 11:380  
Unclear problem text, BAD TESTS - to the author -> bite meScythe (Berinde Radu)1251. Cemetery Manager1 Apr 2003 03:362  
To anyone got 'time limted': could you show your program?Lin1251. Cemetery Manager26 Mar 2003 15:504  
To admin: in the test,n and m maybe bigger than 100,right?Lin1251. Cemetery Manager24 Mar 2003 20:184  
The tests must be wrong - it's often f.e. : in acm.uva.esuuuuuuu1251. Cemetery Manager24 Mar 2003 19:590  
Alex Malev1251. Cemetery Manager24 Mar 2003 18:500  
Don't understand sampleNazar Revutsky1251. Cemetery Manager19 Mar 2003 22:426  
Administrators. Can you explain sample? Is answer correct?Kovychev R. A.1251. Cemetery Manager19 Mar 2003 13:560  
questions... Ion Andrei Gabriel1251. Cemetery Manager19 Mar 2003 04:205  

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