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Discussion of Problem 1252. Sorting the Tombstones

Admin! How Come! TEST4 N-1?deLarry1252. Sorting the Tombstones7 Aug 2020 18:411  
note for WA#4hoan1252. Sorting the Tombstones6 Dec 2019 15:473  
test case for #6 WACraig Tucker1252. Sorting the Tombstones31 Oct 2017 02:470  
awful descriptionCraig Tucker1252. Sorting the Tombstones31 Oct 2017 02:260  
Problem Statement ExplainedKNIGHT0X3001252. Sorting the Tombstones27 Jun 2013 10:410  
yet another note for WA4Aneto1252. Sorting the Tombstones9 Jan 2013 02:210  
what's wrong WA#2tutuna1252. Sorting the Tombstones19 Sep 2012 16:190  
can someone please explain me the problem statement?Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1252. Sorting the Tombstones21 Aug 2009 13:200  
To admins: Tests are weakRoman Atangulov1252. Sorting the Tombstones9 May 2009 21:101  
if you get WA 5Rumter (3)1252. Sorting the Tombstones22 Nov 2008 21:140  
Please tell me how to prove!PSV1252. Sorting the Tombstones6 Aug 2008 16:112  
Maybe it will help you....Nechaev Ilya (Rybinsk SAAT)1252. Sorting the Tombstones6 Aug 2008 16:081  
why wa on 4#test?where's the mistake徐竞欧1252. Sorting the Tombstones6 Aug 2008 16:072  
look at this testtext321252. Sorting the Tombstones11 Nov 2005 07:421  
:(( I`m going to get MAD what`s wrong indeed? (+)Pasha1252. Sorting the Tombstones10 Nov 2005 05:013  
GCD is rules!!!I am get tester...1252. Sorting the Tombstones14 Oct 2005 14:420  
Can someone give me some tests?Danica Porobic1252. Sorting the Tombstones27 Jun 2005 22:581  
Why we should use GCD in this problem?BYF1252. Sorting the Tombstones30 Oct 2004 13:551  
how can i get MLE?testing~1252. Sorting the Tombstones31 Jul 2004 13:312  
WHY WHONG ANSWER ???????vano_B11252. Sorting the Tombstones10 Jul 2003 21:530  

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