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Discussion of Problem 1254. Die Hard

WA7👑TIMOFEY👑1254. Die Hard26 Jun 2023 19:020  
WA6👑TIMOFEY👑1254. Die Hard26 Jun 2023 18:400  
wa 9Abid291254. Die Hard24 Apr 2021 00:070  
can anyone give a counterexample if BFS is wrong?kerpoo1254. Die Hard11 Sep 2016 21:011  
why my modified BFS is wrongcsctcycle1254. Die Hard15 Dec 2015 17:390  
Planar graphMichael Plusnin (USU)1254. Die Hard1 Dec 2012 17:420  
It's a good problem !hello1254. Die Hard22 Dec 2011 03:533  
Strange WA #2M@STeR.SoBG1254. Die Hard22 Oct 2011 16:556  
WA7rohit1254. Die Hard26 Aug 2011 01:412  
A little hint for those, who have TLE and who use Dijkstra's algorithmLeonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1254. Die Hard3 Jul 2011 03:530  
To Admins: please add testAterLux1254. Die Hard3 May 2011 21:210  
for C++ coder : <set> is very bad!!!hoan1254. Die Hard2 May 2011 22:441  
Time Limit Test for Youvetas1254. Die Hard29 Nov 2010 21:445  
Lower TL pleaseFyodor Menshikov1254. Die Hard19 Jun 2009 19:072  
why "WA7"?vgu1254. Die Hard1 May 2009 14:442  
Why wrong answer7? What is this test?Programmer1254. Die Hard28 Feb 2009 02:490  
Need Help!!! WA4Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1254. Die Hard22 Jan 2009 23:596  
A USEFUL HINT for those TLE authors!!!198808xc1254. Die Hard1 Sep 2008 12:310  
Could you explain the sample to me please ?uuuuuuu1254. Die Hard4 Jun 2008 13:531  
Why i got "WA"? help plzInside1254. Die Hard27 Jul 2007 23:330  

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