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Discussion of Problem 1256. Cemetery Guard

it is not geometry problem, just reading comprehensionShen Yang1256. Cemetery Guard10 Oct 2018 13:380  
Why WA7?yuzeming1256. Cemetery Guard12 Aug 2016 19:131  
WA#14 and have no ideazmj1591256. Cemetery Guard14 Dec 2015 08:330  
WA2 example121256. Cemetery Guard20 Apr 2013 05:220  
Need some tests! Help please!NewGeneration1256. Cemetery Guard4 Mar 2013 04:150  
How to solve this problem? (-)Krayev Alexey (PSU)1256. Cemetery Guard31 Mar 2012 10:439  
IS It possible to solve this problem by geometry?vano_B11256. Cemetery Guard24 Oct 2011 16:281  
hintsRumter (3)1256. Cemetery Guard23 Oct 2011 13:582  
To admins: My AC solution fails on some tests hedrok1256. Cemetery Guard28 Jul 2008 23:000  
Help...Aleksey (BMSTU IU7)1256. Cemetery Guard8 Aug 2006 18:081  
Help, Please! Give me some tests plz. (+)Victor Barinov (TNU)1256. Cemetery Guard28 Jul 2006 14:592  
Is this problem equivalent to another one?Agh1256. Cemetery Guard11 Sep 2003 21:051  
I've got AC using double binary search with subsequences (-)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1256. Cemetery Guard21 Mar 2003 18:280  
Народ!!!!Perov Rodion1256. Cemetery Guard19 Mar 2003 11:361  
do u know how to solve it?nicushor1256. Cemetery Guard17 Mar 2003 16:010  
do u know how to solve it?nicushor1256. Cemetery Guard17 Mar 2003 16:000  
i've got ACratrax211256. Cemetery Guard17 Mar 2003 14:470  

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