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Discussion of Problem 1258. Pool

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Test 4 Wrong answerGroote1258. Pool12 Sep 2018 10:001  
AC.some hint:Neumann1258. Pool21 Jul 2018 14:383  
is X of the first touch equals 6.8182?esbybb1258. Pool28 Nov 2016 04:391  
Test 4Fyodor Menshikov1258. Pool7 Jan 2015 04:052  
I had WA on test #2. Why did it happened? Help me, please.$T.MAX1258. Pool24 Apr 2011 04:564  
Is the size of char array <= 1000?72VanVector[SevNTU]1258. Pool27 Oct 2010 05:081  
Help me please!Saturn1258. Pool27 Oct 2010 04:313  
ADMINS!!! WRONG LIMITSTural Neymanov1258. Pool5 Aug 2008 00:132  
Very Week testdatecaoqinxiang1258. Pool15 Mar 2008 11:352  
I kill you, Test 12!!!!!!DAVE1258. Pool16 Jan 2008 19:592  
this is really shitty....this program compiles just fine with gcc3.2 why do I get CEFechete Dan Ionut[dany]1258. Pool3 Oct 2004 23:162  
it is a good problem. Zhang Ran1258. Pool25 Aug 2004 22:375  
I think this problem is simple but I got WA#14Saturn1258. Pool8 Jul 2004 00:072  
Help meSaturn1258. Pool26 Jun 2004 13:141  
Please help!!! I got WA on test 19 (1258)Saturn1258. Pool21 Jun 2004 14:541  
The Speed...Abysscope1258. Pool25 May 2004 16:151  
Not speed...Abysscope1258. Pool25 May 2004 15:191  

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