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Discussion of Problem 1265. Mirror

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hintASK1265. Mirror24 Apr 2018 16:371  
Several data to KILL your program with PRECISION problems.198808xc1265. Mirror4 May 2017 17:374  
dont understand reallyIgor Mihajlovic1265. Mirror29 May 2015 14:262  
What answer?OpenGL1265. Mirror14 May 2015 00:583  
Description of solution for all and for WA#9! /// I DID IT!!! It's my 200'th problem)) And how I have 666 rank =))))Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1265. Mirror25 Dec 2014 07:512  
wa #9 (+)AlMag(VNTU)1265. Mirror27 Oct 2011 18:558  
Test#26Yusupov Azat(UB of TUIT)1265. Mirror12 Nov 2010 16:161  
Does anybody have test#3 - WA!!!Valentine1265. Mirror31 Aug 2010 19:554  
PrecisionBorisov Nikita1265. Mirror19 Jun 2008 22:192  
C and PascalBurunduk11265. Mirror13 Apr 2007 17:259  
!!!....I have some questions...!!! Please help me....ZiV1265. Mirror21 Jan 2006 14:553  
WA#26! Why?Vedernikoff Sergey1265. Mirror16 Aug 2005 02:571  
AC!I think it is a good maths problem:)Yu Yuanming1265. Mirror2 Jul 2005 14:241  
Troubles with Precisionwwwwww1265. Mirror13 May 2005 02:401  
WA #8Lightweight! Lightweight baby!1265. Mirror24 Sep 2004 20:319  

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