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Discussion of Problem 1269. Obscene Words Filter

If you had trouble with 13/27 testsAleksey[TheCrawfish]Bykov'`1269. Obscene Words Filter18 Sep 2022 21:420  
WA2 suffix arrayDan1269. Obscene Words Filter28 Jun 2019 02:090  
help with aho corasick MLE 7!muhammad1269. Obscene Words Filter21 Sep 2018 23:021  
8 testArtem1269. Obscene Words Filter11 Aug 2018 00:250  
PitfallsGary Ye1269. Obscene Words Filter14 Sep 2017 20:391  
The problem is really evil. Mahilewets1269. Obscene Words Filter10 Jul 2017 12:211  
I had a MLE 7 test - I split the tree into 3 parts - Accepted 0.593uu_Innk1269. Obscene Words Filter7 Jul 2017 21:042  
Time limit update in problem 1269 Obscene Words FilterVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1269. Obscene Words Filter26 Jun 2016 22:330  
to adminsVladimir Leskov``1269. Obscene Words Filter21 May 2016 21:311  
test case answerrakeshvarna1269. Obscene Words Filter26 Jul 2015 22:271  
To adminsAdhambek1269. Obscene Words Filter26 Jun 2015 19:000  
Do NOT forget to output the "Passed" - word in the end, for WA#5!!!!Yerlan1269. Obscene Words Filter29 Dec 2014 17:140  
WA1Kirill Luchikhin1269. Obscene Words Filter4 Jun 2014 19:300  
WA 30Disintegrator1269. Obscene Words Filter3 Mar 2014 21:030  
WA #3 :(Rafal1269. Obscene Words Filter5 Nov 2013 18:246  
To admins: rejudge forgottenNike (Vologda ML)1269. Obscene Words Filter23 May 2013 19:450  
A way to solve this problem in java2rf1269. Obscene Words Filter6 Mar 2013 01:100  
Test 3Alexander Goncharov1269. Obscene Words Filter23 Nov 2012 13:280  
Crash Where is my mistake?behzodbek1269. Obscene Words Filter15 Oct 2012 00:370  
If you got WA15, try this teststandy1269. Obscene Words Filter22 Jul 2012 17:420  

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