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Discussion of Problem 1269. Obscene Words Filter

WA Test 3Paul Lysenko1269. Obscene Words Filter2 May 2012 21:580  
Why TLE on test7?waterkid1269. Obscene Words Filter11 Apr 2012 08:280  
Help!FranckRibery1269. Obscene Words Filter11 Apr 2012 06:501  
Why WA2?_-Re@l-_1269. Obscene Words Filter21 Feb 2012 21:560  
WA on #12 or some please pay attention to thisgrapland1269. Obscene Words Filter2 Nov 2011 15:281  
I have WA 15.xDEMONx [Perm SU]1269. Obscene Words Filter26 Aug 2011 06:061  
Another way to go over MLE 7George Agapov1269. Obscene Words Filter1 Aug 2011 21:310  
Crash (access violation) №2uu_Innk1269. Obscene Words Filter26 Jul 2011 01:442  
Help me please!Aybek1269. Obscene Words Filter13 Jul 2011 03:370  
Why TLE on test 7?ilya_romanenko1269. Obscene Words Filter27 Jun 2011 14:463  
Help with aho corasick MLE 7,please !uu_Innk1269. Obscene Words Filter9 May 2011 20:383  
imho good testAleksandr oO Shvarkunov [Pskov SPI Kamikaze]1269. Obscene Words Filter24 Apr 2011 05:514  
What is the answer2rf1269. Obscene Words Filter17 Apr 2011 01:330  
An interesting solutionSlusarenko Alexey1269. Obscene Words Filter24 Mar 2011 15:342  
Oh my lady gaga!FranckRibery1269. Obscene Words Filter4 Feb 2011 11:541  
WA on test 6 is because there is EOF char in the textLSBG1269. Obscene Words Filter12 Nov 2010 14:550  
Aho-corasick whith compressed suffix treeGeorge Agapov1269. Obscene Words Filter3 Nov 2010 23:260  
WA #25 after rejudge.Why?!!ieyz1269. Obscene Words Filter27 Aug 2010 11:401  
MLE #13 or TLE #13Alexander Samal1269. Obscene Words Filter23 Jul 2010 03:532  
hint for test 5kyo_key1269. Obscene Words Filter21 Jul 2010 22:483  

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