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Discussion of Problem 1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway

Ready algorithm and all tests for lazy boys :)D4nick1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway4 Nov 2020 21:190  
why wa14???qulinxao1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway25 Aug 2020 07:030  
If you have WA #14Insectophob1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway16 Jan 2020 17:101  
Easy problemMaksimus El Diablo1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway30 Oct 2019 13:461  
WA #5redenventeria1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway30 Oct 2019 13:452  
Solved(MST)Luka Bulatovic1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway30 Oct 2019 13:434  
Runtime Error #12 on Python3Tihon Molotkov`~1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway30 Oct 2019 13:401  
WA #16Moshkov Danil1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway13 Oct 2019 11:420  
TL#10 on C++ => Runtime Error #12 on Python3, pls helpMoysenko[SESC 19]1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway21 Jul 2017 09:313  
WA #5[TH0312]LeMinhTruyen1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway11 Oct 2016 20:122  
if you have WA #4Sergey Ubogov1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway3 Mar 2016 00:130  
WA#1012121551272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway6 Nov 2013 10:020  
Help me WA#31141342_Ngô Đình Minh Đức1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway8 Apr 2013 12:311  
what is test # 14TH[2012]11123801272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway8 Apr 2013 12:292  
If you want to do this fast.Hrayr[Goris N4 High School]1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway11 Jul 2011 23:160  
Hint (+)Roman Lipovsky1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway2 May 2011 18:381  
WA#1, WTF???Elday1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway23 Apr 2011 19:270  
MethodSerailHydra1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway22 Jul 2010 00:002  
The O(n) algorithmwangyin1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway12 Jun 2010 14:171  
Please help.I cant find my bug(wa14:)moveUp1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway16 Sep 2009 23:000  

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