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Discussion of Problem 1273. Tie

DP can AC in O(n^2)......but waht algo can AC in O(nlogn)?Yu YuanMing1273. Tie11 May 2011 21:391  
WA#1kirill_SSAU6191273. Tie31 Oct 2010 14:250  
If you have WA#3Aleksander1273. Tie1 Apr 2010 22:591  
testAlexander Akimenko ssau 61081273. Tie23 Mar 2010 20:211  
wa7nick's_name1273. Tie4 Oct 2009 16:210  
how can it be solved for nlogn?Лелик1273. Tie29 Aug 2009 15:504  
I think K is too smallGheorghe Stefan1273. Tie29 Aug 2009 15:385  
Please help anybody(What a ucking tests are there??)Emil1273. Tie1 Mar 2008 00:130  
How accepted 1273???Lepilin Max SSAU 6191273. Tie15 Jan 2008 19:160  
Need tests! It brakes on 7-th test!UMC (SSAU)1273. Tie3 Dec 2007 19:350  
why wa on test#7? Help LeXuS[Alex Kalugin]1273. Tie3 Dec 2007 19:327  
Problem 1273 "Tie" has been rejudged (+) Sandro (USU)1273. Tie12 Dec 2006 01:331  
WA#9Trần Quang Chung1273. Tie10 Jun 2006 21:530  
I didn't expect me to be so stupid! I even don't know how to organize DP!Alexey1273. Tie10 Jun 2006 17:300  
(wa5) give me wrong test. PLEASE.Виктор Крупко1273. Tie21 Aug 2005 21:395  
What the heck is wrong with this stupid problem?Jiang Xu1273. Tie11 Aug 2005 00:024  
Who can give me some GOOD tests I got Wa7! I thinck my program GOOG! but Wa7Нищий Наглец1273. Tie29 Jul 2005 04:340  
I got ACТёма и Серёжа1273. Tie14 May 2005 16:091  
How did you do it in O(n^2). I only know n^3 =(hey, dude!1273. Tie4 Apr 2005 16:551  
And what about this test?Sandro1273. Tie3 Feb 2005 11:274  

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