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Discussion of Problem 1280. Topological Sorting

Very very bad titleucs61280. Topological Sorting22 Dec 2022 19:152  
To admins: there is an error in test casesivzh1280. Topological Sorting13 May 2020 22:450  
Wrong Answer on Test #16Shabab Karim1280. Topological Sorting14 Sep 2019 01:263  
AC IN 0.234 SECabid17291280. Topological Sorting25 Jun 2019 19:210  
another tricky test case incase you get WA but don't know what to do . . .Sam Green1280. Topological Sorting12 Jun 2019 21:591  
O(n^3) got 0.826s AC!paulzrm1280. Topological Sorting21 Jun 2018 17:340  
WA#7Loky_Yuri [USTU]1280. Topological Sorting3 Nov 2017 23:236  
Weak DatasetSaifullah Talukder1280. Topological Sorting25 Jul 2017 14:160  
Can anyone explain 1# test case?Just_do_it1280. Topological Sorting8 Feb 2017 13:011  
WA#33Anton [SUrSU#6]1280. Topological Sorting2 Oct 2016 22:168  
Tip for resolutionGastonFontenla1280. Topological Sorting9 Aug 2015 02:370  
WA8?Илья1280. Topological Sorting28 Apr 2015 16:160  
Why this problem has so high complexity estimation?breezemaster1280. Topological Sorting25 Dec 2013 23:591  
0.79sec AC.My algo is O((m+n)lgm).But why it is so slow?Andrew Yu1280. Topological Sorting21 Dec 2013 14:513  
TL on test #15Andy Pilate1280. Topological Sorting1 Oct 2013 05:060  
It is simple problem,Do you agree?b4die1280. Topological Sorting23 Feb 2013 13:305  
Why WA #8 ?????Bristy1280. Topological Sorting30 Nov 2012 17:521  
Really N<=1000Eugene Zavgorodny1280. Topological Sorting13 Nov 2012 02:172  
WA #5Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1280. Topological Sorting10 May 2011 21:141  
If you have WA #31...Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1280. Topological Sorting20 Apr 2011 17:220  

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