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Discussion of Problem 1282. Game Tree

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No subjectFelix_Mate1282. Game Tree29 Dec 2015 22:241  
Almost solved, WA#18aybek1282. Game Tree21 Dec 2013 19:262  
Don't Understand 2nd sample testIbragim Atadjanov1282. Game Tree22 Jun 2012 16:512  
So easy ! In this website, there are many problems similar to this problem. So, it costs me no efforts to solve it !Phan Hoài Nam (Harvey Nash)1282. Game Tree24 Feb 2011 15:141  
I dont understand this problem, who can explain me? thank you.hoan1282. Game Tree24 Nov 2010 23:121  
Explain me the condition of the problem, please[SPbSU ITMO] Dennis Yolkin1282. Game Tree22 Mar 2010 02:212  
WA 10, why?por1282. Game Tree12 Jul 2009 05:341  
The image doesn't loadKAV1282. Game Tree2 Apr 2006 18:351  
What's wrong with my codes?It WA at 8Little Murphy1282. Game Tree8 Feb 2005 17:462  

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