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Discussion of Problem 1291. Gear-wheels

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Test 10 Division by zeroandreyDagger1291. Gear-wheels29 Nov 2021 16:591  
Graph problems ratings are really strange. Mahilewets1291. Gear-wheels14 Jun 2017 16:521  
Some testsGleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1291. Gear-wheels11 Jan 2014 02:021  
WA#11GePo1291. Gear-wheels23 Feb 2013 12:496  
Ошибка в условииPiratek-(akaDK)1291. Gear-wheels29 Aug 2008 18:322  
Invalid test 12Fyodor Menshikov1291. Gear-wheels26 Feb 2007 20:542  
AC, but 'bout WA #12:)TeruS1291. Gear-wheels20 Dec 2006 22:493  
I got TL#10 and I don't know what to do because on my computer it works only 0.352 sec on max test! PROGRAMMERS please help me!!!ANDRIY pmi [LNU]1291. Gear-wheels5 Oct 2006 13:563  
Last string of input contains INTEGER VALUE ????The Punisher1291. Gear-wheels2 Oct 2006 19:442  
What' s the hell with that code ? (WA #10)The Punisher1291. Gear-wheels12 Feb 2006 21:241  

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