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Discussion of Problem 1297. Palindrome

Test case for Wrong Answer 1j.n.j.d.11297. Palindrome23 Oct 2016 15:250  
Wrong Answer For Test 19K P Charith Chowdary1297. Palindrome12 Sep 2016 20:324  
If you get a WA for test#15Sandu Petrasco1297. Palindrome17 Jun 2016 15:512  
O(N^2) idea, works fineMarian Darius1297. Palindrome3 May 2016 22:002  
WA 25#wangchong7561297. Palindrome19 Jan 2016 17:270  
WA #17Butusov Eugene1297. Palindrome8 Aug 2015 04:363  
Who has WA#24BinaryMind [RAU]1297. Palindrome17 Jun 2015 23:570  
why it wrong at Test11?1160401791297. Palindrome27 Dec 2014 23:251  
O(N)sloboz1297. Palindrome14 Aug 2014 19:0414  
if you have WA #22Levan Arabuli [Tbilisi SU]1297. Palindrome19 Jul 2014 11:591  
Can you give me test data&//В чем дело? Пролетает то на первом, то на втором тестах. Хотя дома проверку проходит. Можете ли дать мне данные для проверки? Evgeniy_Rus1297. Palindrome19 May 2014 01:070  
2 ADMINS: Funny mistake in sample (+)Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП)1297. Palindrome10 Mar 2014 23:580  
No subjectI.Smirn0ff1297. Palindrome10 Mar 2014 18:460  
WA#19HELPqazwsxmn1297. Palindrome12 Feb 2014 19:310  
WA #20Sirojiddin Abdukarimov1297. Palindrome17 Dec 2013 16:021  
To Admin - Weak Testsbayram1297. Palindrome6 Oct 2013 15:461  
Getting WA #7 paarth1297. Palindrome26 Jul 2013 12:014  
O(n log n)linjek1297. Palindrome6 Jul 2013 20:100  
I am getting WA at #1 Atindra Das1297. Palindrome26 Apr 2013 01:440  
cub(N) Solution aybek1297. Palindrome13 Feb 2013 14:420  

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