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Discussion of Problem 1297. Palindrome

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If you have WA #26Keworker1297. Palindrome28 Aug 2022 07:151  
Accepted Solve O(n)Maxim Afripov1297. Palindrome21 Nov 2021 16:551  
i solve this for O(n * log n)Anton1297. Palindrome17 Jul 2021 16:431  
Why correct output for given test case is not "kazak" ?Vaibhav1297. Palindrome3 Nov 2020 15:253  
WA 4Anton Malyuta1297. Palindrome24 Sep 2020 07:112  
Why my code is wrong???C++RI_190010_111297. Palindrome27 Apr 2020 01:311  
If you have WA 3Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1297. Palindrome21 Jan 2020 12:402  
If you wa on test#12 , try this dataEazy jobb1297. Palindrome15 Jul 2019 20:544  
Manacher Algorithm!GastonFontenla1297. Palindrome21 Jun 2019 11:442  
No subjectmyb1297. Palindrome7 May 2019 15:121  
Got a WA on #27Kenith Chu1297. Palindrome3 May 2019 11:573  
For those who have WA #17RPTREME1297. Palindrome2 Mar 2019 22:193  
what is the 19test?Vaganov1297. Palindrome2 Jan 2018 18:574  
WA #14MatrixDeity1297. Palindrome18 Nov 2017 00:565  
Memory Limit Exceeded, Test15Александр1297. Palindrome5 Sep 2017 22:404  
I got wa on #7a_little_black1297. Palindrome27 Jul 2017 13:164  
WA#12jerry1297. Palindrome15 Jul 2017 12:313  
WA#3Rinotto1297. Palindrome27 Jan 2017 22:121  
2 Admins: Strange behaviour with Clang 3.5 C++14. c_pp1297. Palindrome14 Jan 2017 20:061  
wa 20Arsen1297. Palindrome22 Dec 2016 10:531  

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