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Discussion of Problem 1298. Knight

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How fast could recursion optimised?👾_challenger128_[PermSNRU]1298. Knight15 Oct 2020 22:051  
What's wrong with test #3?[SESC USU] Komarov && Kantorov1298. Knight11 Jun 2018 21:545  
Chess problem...TLE on test #10!! how to make it faster?????michel mizrahi1298. Knight13 Jan 2018 01:579  
Possible solution. Mahilewets1298. Knight17 Jul 2017 01:281  
HintBekzhan1298. Knight5 May 2014 11:392  
It's strange. My prog runs faster when n=8 than when n=7.Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1298. Knight5 May 2014 11:222  
recursion?[OSTU]Svetkin1298. Knight1 Apr 2014 18:169  
HintASK1298. Knight20 Nov 2012 02:163  
Help me pleaseRoma Labish[Lviv NU]1298. Knight3 Oct 2011 20:332  
ЗабавноMichail Yudin1298. Knight14 Jan 2009 18:211  
Funny...CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1298. Knight31 Jul 2007 17:021  
LOOKAnd IV1298. Knight10 Jul 2007 07:211  
WA#3! it's impossible , there is only 8 test and my program gives right results for all nAlias (Alexander Prudaev)1298. Knight26 Mar 2007 22:574  
WA on test #9? I can't understand because 1<=n<=8Ras Misha [t4ce]1298. Knight5 Jan 2007 11:162  
I don't know why my solution CE (Compilation Error)thuchoithoi1298. Knight10 Jun 2006 23:154  
what is a funny tests !MSU Teminator1298. Knight16 Jan 2006 20:402  
Please help!!! Why my code get Crash (ACCESS_VIOLATION) #4?REM1298. Knight11 Jun 2005 16:558  

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