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Discussion of Problem 1299. Psylonians

WA 22!!! HELP!!! i have already 20 attemptLifanov1299. Psylonians28 Jan 2020 01:412  
Test #1 WA. I don't know what's the problemArtemon1299. Psylonians28 Sep 2018 20:100  
WA test 35frufru1299. Psylonians9 Feb 2014 00:390  
I got WA on 23-th test!!!Roibu Yulian1299. Psylonians7 Dec 2013 20:360  
WA28....Please Help me!!ZiV1299. Psylonians11 Nov 2013 14:432  
WHY? Wrong Answer???Heng1299. Psylonians22 Feb 2013 22:232  
why WA on test14~Always>?<?Heng1299. Psylonians15 Aug 2012 12:500  
Why WA1?Ignat Zakrevsky1299. Psylonians12 Jan 2012 14:140  
If you get WA 23xDEMONx [Perm SU]1299. Psylonians26 Aug 2011 15:300  
HintDanica Porobic1299. Psylonians13 Jun 2011 20:271  
WA 26 - Hintdiver[rus]1299. Psylonians13 Jun 2011 20:211  
Can someone give me a hint about test32?yuyan1299. Psylonians4 Nov 2010 06:241  
Problem 1299 "Psylonians" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1299. Psylonians18 Nov 2009 01:310  
to Admins ! incorrect statementnikonoff (ONPU)1299. Psylonians11 Feb 2009 10:426  
Why WA on test 24 ??I_want_to_be_The_Best1299. Psylonians24 Dec 2008 11:261  
I got WA on 28 test 1299. What a trick?ANDRIY BUDAY [Lviv NU]1299. Psylonians24 Dec 2008 11:232  
In english text having a mistake!Fly [Yaroslavl_SU]1299. Psylonians11 Feb 2006 04:331  
I don't understand this sentence! How shall I decide whether the robot should turn left or right? And why LEFT in sample #1?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1299. Psylonians11 Feb 2006 04:321  
wa21 give me please wrong testВиктор Крупко1299. Psylonians11 Feb 2006 04:283  
very strange!Нищий Наглец1299. Psylonians27 Jul 2005 16:474  

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