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Discussion of Problem 1300. Taxes

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rounding in python is easyyyll1300. Taxes28 May 2022 13:021  
m can be zerobsu.mmf.team1300. Taxes3 Mar 2021 22:081  
WA 7Vasilenko Oleg (South Ural State University)1300. Taxes7 Apr 2010 20:481  
Problem 1300 is UNFAIR!Walrus1300. Taxes8 Dec 2008 12:365  
rounding...(problem#1300)Alexander Prudaev1300. Taxes6 Mar 2006 18:482  
Give the decision, very much it is necessary (Course).Ufo1300. Taxes22 Oct 2005 07:271  
What is the "Crash (FLT_STACK_CHECK)"ACM.Anatoliy 'Tolyan_NO' Tolstobroff1300. Taxes4 Oct 2005 23:471  
I know why the % of AC is low...Yu Yuanming1300. Taxes5 Jun 2005 19:121  
WA2Samun_Victor [SESC USU]1300. Taxes5 Jun 2005 13:202  
Help!figo1300. Taxes5 Sep 2004 15:311  
Some questionsScythe (Berinde Radu)1300. Taxes10 Aug 2004 12:573  
Any ideas about the sample and the tests.Harry Potter1300. Taxes5 May 2004 18:192  

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