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Discussion of Problem 1301. Cube in Labyrinth

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WA#2 What's wrong?Alex Stoff1301. Cube in Labyrinth28 Nov 2015 15:064  
In fact, the statement has an another mistake........zmj1591301. Cube in Labyrinth14 Nov 2015 11:511  
WA#6Vavan1301. Cube in Labyrinth4 Dec 2011 04:431  
Please Help me! I've got WA#4!{AESC USU} Dembel1301. Cube in Labyrinth13 Jan 2010 22:485  
Problem in statement.Fyodor Menshikov1301. Cube in Labyrinth10 Mar 2009 22:396  
WA#3 Can anybody help?Yurchuk Maxim, Rybinsk, Liceum #21301. Cube in Labyrinth7 Feb 2009 23:402  
Start Position of Cube?Piratek-(akaDK)1301. Cube in Labyrinth16 Aug 2008 02:152  
!!!!To Admins!!!!Ostap Korkuna (Lviv NU)1301. Cube in Labyrinth3 Aug 2008 16:492  
try this testAlias (Alexander Prudaev)1301. Cube in Labyrinth3 Aug 2008 16:483  
Please... How should I read Input Correctly?Alex Stoff1301. Cube in Labyrinth14 Oct 2005 18:142  
The prob statement is wrong!Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1301. Cube in Labyrinth5 Jun 2005 20:432  
There must be something wrong with the test case 5!Innovative Cat.1301. Cube in Labyrinth30 Mar 2004 08:1011  

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