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Discussion of Problem 1305. Convex Hull

WA 1!?kaifonaft1305. Convex Hull18 Mar 2018 02:352  
Why wa#5? Help pls!keqidei1305. Convex Hull11 Nov 2015 17:170  
Not cellular solutionpmartynov1305. Convex Hull5 Apr 2014 20:330  
Some "minimal" cases...Alex Danilyuk [SESC USU Dandelion] KTC1305. Convex Hull23 Feb 2014 20:230  
O(n)erfan1305. Convex Hull17 Sep 2013 00:180  
Can somebody explain to me this problem?Grebnov Ilya[Ivanovo SPU]1305. Convex Hull12 Mar 2013 16:483  
精度????gaoshangbo1305. Convex Hull28 Sep 2011 07:330  
bad statement...hintHanzbrow (TNU) KCC1305. Convex Hull1 Aug 2009 23:070  
Eeeh... Should it be convex? :)Denis Koshman1305. Convex Hull4 Aug 2008 00:402  
Can anybody explain the problem?Ignas1305. Convex Hull3 Aug 2008 16:551  
Can anybody explain this to me?Fechete Dan Ionut[dany]1305. Convex Hull3 Aug 2008 16:551  
Test resoltAleksa_Markoni1305. Convex Hull7 Jul 2008 07:291  
why wa#5?Crash_access_violation1305. Convex Hull12 May 2008 23:211  
What does the term "minimal by inclusion" mean?(-)SPIRiT1305. Convex Hull11 Sep 2006 15:460  
please give me some test... i think my program is right, but...VALERO1305. Convex Hull7 Aug 2006 19:530  
Something may help youYu Yuanming1305. Convex Hull12 Jun 2005 12:350  
AAAAAAA!!!! At last!!!! I 've done it !!!. Krayev Alexey(PSU#2)1305. Convex Hull1 Apr 2005 21:320  
Help,who can give me some tests?ABCDEFG1305. Convex Hull31 Oct 2004 18:432  
TestsRonnie1305. Convex Hull29 Aug 2004 04:160  

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