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Discussion of Problem 1310. ACM Diagnostics

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Chinese translationLightningUZ1310. ACM Diagnostics26 Dec 2021 13:191  
flaky problem statementtyomitch1310. ACM Diagnostics15 Feb 2013 00:552  
Why i got WA#11?????Rizvanov++ de xXx1310. ACM Diagnostics31 Oct 2012 18:324  
Give please any hints, how to solve this problem. I get TLE(16)Tratata (barssimfi@mail.ru)1310. ACM Diagnostics13 Aug 2008 02:542  
I get WA on test 16Alexandru Popa1310. ACM Diagnostics13 Aug 2008 02:512  
How big is N for test 16 ? Alexandru Popa1310. ACM Diagnostics13 Aug 2008 02:514  
To Admins: One more testVictor Barinov (TNU)1310. ACM Diagnostics12 Jul 2008 00:523  
Something about WA#5davidsun1310. ACM Diagnostics27 Jan 2008 12:421  
java.Math.BigIntegerSid1310. ACM Diagnostics23 Jun 2006 18:123  
Sample testSamsonov Alex [USU]1310. ACM Diagnostics9 Apr 2006 03:012  

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