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Discussion of Problem 1313. Some Words about Sport

HINTVarun Sharma1313. Some Words about Sport7 Jun 2021 10:232  
AC on C++Arman Sykot1313. Some Words about Sport28 Oct 2020 21:110  
Acces Violation test #4 and after that get WA #4, C++. Anyone can help me? still stuck test #4 VNeo1313. Some Words about Sport15 Jul 2017 13:033  
WA #4Someone Else1313. Some Words about Sport21 Dec 2014 14:370  
Wrong Answer in test 4. What is wrong? Please helpMaksadbek1313. Some Words about Sport6 Oct 2014 22:110  
Wrong Answe test 4 javashagi1313. Some Words about Sport2 Oct 2014 18:540  
help meZoirov Eldor (TUIT Urgench)1313. Some Words about Sport8 Jul 2014 13:280  
Can anybody help me please? What is wrong with my code?Александр1313. Some Words about Sport6 Jan 2014 17:132  
byte - > integerSasori1313. Some Words about Sport30 Oct 2013 06:100  
AC Python 3.3lomobit1313. Some Words about Sport27 Jul 2013 23:540  
Wrong statement.oxoxonin1313. Some Words about Sport1 Jun 2013 22:441  
Why "Crash (access violation)" ? totally misunderstoodDastan Yelubayev1313. Some Words about Sport16 Mar 2013 11:221  
wa on #3Shuhan1313. Some Words about Sport15 Mar 2013 00:421  
To Admins!kami_botanik1313. Some Words about Sport4 Mar 2013 22:502  
Please Help! Program is right! But I don't know what's a problem?kami_botanik1313. Some Words about Sport3 Mar 2013 05:320  
100*100 not enough?$wordfish1313. Some Words about Sport16 Sep 2012 16:442  
hintorcchg1313. Some Words about Sport14 Sep 2012 03:151  
WA on test #3 C Help meAhmet Terzi(Ottoman)Devlet-i Âli Osman1313. Some Words about Sport31 Aug 2012 19:450  
WA #4-Javad_shuren1313. Some Words about Sport7 Aug 2012 15:570  
why wa #1???Artem Fast1313. Some Words about Sport9 Jul 2012 01:441  

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