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Discussion of Problem 1315. MDPAR and MIIAR

WA#23 please help!Nodirbek Islomov1315. MDPAR and MIIAR25 Jun 2015 14:580  
HINT: Instructions to the problem statement.TestKiller1315. MDPAR and MIIAR12 Dec 2014 08:151  
explain sample plsVit Demidenko1315. MDPAR and MIIAR7 Mar 2014 16:300  
Test #3 Incorrect?tm_tm_tm1315. MDPAR and MIIAR25 Jan 2013 16:193  
How to do it faster?AterLux1315. MDPAR and MIIAR6 Jun 2011 21:100  
Changes in problem 1315 "MDPAR and MIIAR" (+)Sandro (USU)1315. MDPAR and MIIAR25 Jan 2011 03:160  
What does SURFACE mean?TestKiller1315. MDPAR and MIIAR3 Sep 2010 21:020  
About Test #11PPLoveTT1315. MDPAR and MIIAR9 Nov 2009 21:362  
some misundersandingsDmitry "Logam" Kobelev [TSOGU]1315. MDPAR and MIIAR23 Aug 2009 11:461  
Help me! I have got WA#3Dembel {AESC USU}1315. MDPAR and MIIAR29 Jan 2008 21:262  
Mini-rejudge (+)Sandro (USU)1315. MDPAR and MIIAR26 Jul 2007 21:350  
My O(W*H) solution works too slow :( [-]Chmel_Tolstiy1315. MDPAR and MIIAR22 Jun 2007 15:490  
WA#16 AlexF [USTU]1315. MDPAR and MIIAR13 Jan 2007 10:524  
Test #11[SPbSU ITMO] WiNGeR1315. MDPAR and MIIAR10 Dec 2006 01:402  
Help me with coordinates pleaseVova1315. MDPAR and MIIAR4 Nov 2006 19:291  
There is a bug in English descriptionDryad1315. MDPAR and MIIAR11 Mar 2006 16:250  
Anybody plz explain the samples?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1315. MDPAR and MIIAR26 Sep 2005 18:381  
If your get wa on test #14 try itAleksey (BMSTU IU7)1315. MDPAR and MIIAR28 Sep 2004 03:130  
I wonder how, I wonder why :) (+)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1315. MDPAR and MIIAR6 Sep 2004 11:540  
Another request to clarify...Oberon (Yura Znovyak)1315. MDPAR and MIIAR10 May 2004 19:304  

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