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Discussion of Problem 1316. Electronic Auction

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Help with testfoxlup1316. Electronic Auction17 Oct 2021 18:132  
WA 6💮meanlessnessener`~1316. Electronic Auction29 Jun 2021 02:021  
WA #2Дмитрий1316. Electronic Auction6 Mar 2021 19:011  
TL in test 5oto1316. Electronic Auction4 Nov 2019 22:162  
For anybody, who get WA on test 6X1316. Electronic Auction14 Dec 2017 02:303  
WA6: use this stupid code for correct inputdgorlov1316. Electronic Auction4 Dec 2017 16:004  
Very good AC - 0.281 sec and 850K 123451316. Electronic Auction19 Mar 2016 12:058  
2testSProf1316. Electronic Auction27 Jan 2016 01:431  
what is test#1Hamdan Sultan1316. Electronic Auction15 Nov 2015 23:212  
Don't understand 1316danil1231316. Electronic Auction4 Jun 2015 16:401  
About test #5TheEnglishMajor1316. Electronic Auction25 Nov 2014 09:092  
WA on test 6 in C++Mamuka Sakhelashvili [Freeuni]1316. Electronic Auction9 Nov 2013 13:384  
WA#1shangyu111316. Electronic Auction1 Oct 2013 16:141  
It's magic!Bekzhan1316. Electronic Auction3 Feb 2013 07:472  
What test7 looks like? lenny1316. Electronic Auction6 Aug 2011 14:251  
2 admins: incorrect sample2rf [Perm School #9]1316. Electronic Auction15 Feb 2010 11:222  
Incorrect Russian statementFyodor Menshikov1316. Electronic Auction13 Feb 2010 11:463  
i got wa on test 6collin1316. Electronic Auction10 Oct 2009 11:487  
WA #4liuq9011316. Electronic Auction9 Jul 2009 15:262  
Splay treesSkorKNURE1316. Electronic Auction5 Jan 2009 14:351  

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