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Discussion of Problem 1325. Dirt

hint if you get WA 8Balan Catalin1325. Dirt27 Jul 2019 11:061  
WA7alexge501325. Dirt18 Aug 2018 15:241  
How to solve this problem?I used Djkstra,but I've got TLE.November Rain1325. Dirt16 Aug 2017 01:327  
Python got TLE16 on O(m*n) solution, C++ got AC even with Dijkstra. Please add PyPy!Practician1325. Dirt4 Oct 2016 14:320  
Why o(nm) get TL?Felix_Mate1325. Dirt2 Aug 2016 15:340  
WA 25!Ta'al1325. Dirt12 Apr 2016 09:071  
The problem was impossible to accept!!!
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黄源河1325. Dirt15 May 2014 13:3722  
I solved it in one BFSძამაანთ [Tbilisi SU]1325. Dirt20 Apr 2014 04:020  
hint for WA 2alp1325. Dirt4 Nov 2013 22:000  
Problem 1325 "Dirt". Time limit now is 0.5 sec.Sandro (USU)1325. Dirt2 Oct 2012 17:270  
WA 1 ??????nr1325. Dirt3 Jan 2012 22:061  
wa 22 and then mysteriously AC: don't know why?Radi Muhammad Reza1325. Dirt2 Jan 2012 22:161  
wa 16 give me test pleaseBaurzhan1325. Dirt21 Dec 2011 18:161  
wa on 16?what's wrong?boaz1325. Dirt20 Dec 2011 01:027  
New tests for this problem.Teacher301325. Dirt19 Apr 2010 12:091  
need help.ACM.Anatoliy 'Tolyan_NO' Tolstobroff1325. Dirt21 Mar 2010 21:443  
To adminsOpenGL1325. Dirt17 Jan 2009 17:261  
You can solve this problem using a solve of 1254 problem, they look similar (-)Yurchuk Maxim, Rybinsk, Liceum #21325. Dirt13 Jan 2009 13:535  
I got WA on test7,who can give me any test datas?Failed Peter1325. Dirt21 Aug 2008 03:511  
Please give me a faster solutiontheNobody { Krasnoyarsk STU }1325. Dirt16 Aug 2008 20:030  

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