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Discussion of Problem 1328. Fireball

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Tricky tests but still WA 14 Velea Alex1328. Fireball3 Dec 2011 16:411  
Question about output the angle.Valentin Pimenov1328. Fireball8 Oct 2011 18:154  
Sorry. Problem specification is not correct. It will be corrected soon.Pavel Egorov (USU)1328. Fireball6 Aug 2011 21:113  
to adminsstrider1328. Fireball22 Jan 2009 16:313  
Может ли файерболл попасть в мага?KRSU Team #11328. Fireball19 Aug 2008 07:463  
Sample output.DWED1328. Fireball19 Aug 2008 07:442  
What is the answer for this testcase? (My program received #WA 14)The Punisher1328. Fireball19 Aug 2008 07:412  
For people with WA #13Vedernikoff Sergey1328. Fireball25 Jun 2006 17:351  
you got WA 13 ? it help you.ACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1328. Fireball19 Dec 2005 03:073  
WA on 14Micha1328. Fireball27 Oct 2005 21:531  
WARNING I've tested out case 16, but I still can't understand why I'm in wrong.Innovative Cat.1328. Fireball19 Oct 2004 11:576  
Good problem. BTW, the fireball can fly through the wizard without explosion (-)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1328. Fireball19 Oct 2004 10:043  

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