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Discussion of Problem 1329. Galactic History

Why WA6?GastonFontenla1329. Galactic History9 Sep 2015 20:191  
what's in test 12?Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1329. Galactic History26 Mar 2012 00:100  
If you have CRASH...Burmistrov Ivan (USU)1329. Galactic History2 Sep 2010 15:351  
TipsMAK1329. Galactic History2 Sep 2010 15:330  
TLE#47dimozzz1329. Galactic History5 Apr 2009 13:236  
I want to know if there's other ways to solve the problem besides LCAFat Peter1329. Galactic History17 Jan 2007 14:478  
WA 14Alexander Prudaev1329. Galactic History2 Oct 2006 21:500  
STL teching (+)Ilya Rasenstein (Lyceum #40)1329. Galactic History1 Jun 2006 09:082  
Help, please!malchreal1329. Galactic History3 Mar 2006 13:400  
Getting TLE40Alex_SyktSU1329. Galactic History3 Feb 2006 21:030  
HHeellllpppppp...... 1329Counter Terrorist TSU1329. Galactic History16 Dec 2005 15:415  
Help! What wrong with my source in C. Idental program in pascal got TLE(20), but C program got WA(1).Aleksey Meshnikovsky1329. Galactic History7 Dec 2005 13:502  
To administrator: please remake text of problem[NU GYM] I am get tester...1329. Galactic History10 Nov 2005 11:161  
How to solve it without dynamic structures?Samsonov Alex [SESC USU]1329. Galactic History10 Nov 2005 10:296  
What about stack size? (+)Kit (Vologda SPU)1329. Galactic History30 Aug 2005 14:091  
TLE test1???Гладких Максим1329. Galactic History15 Aug 2005 23:130  
To administrator: Test 42 bad!!!Bandera1329. Galactic History17 Oct 2004 12:293  
Memory LimitNazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1329. Galactic History16 Oct 2004 14:001  

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