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Discussion of Problem 1332. Genie Bomber

SolutionКонобейцев Иван Олегович1332. Genie Bomber24 Sep 2022 14:390  
What's test#19 ? anything must notice?tbtbtb1332. Genie Bomber4 Jun 2019 11:085  
WRONG at test #5cublisan1332. Genie Bomber26 Nov 2014 21:322  
How to solve this problem?HybridTheory1332. Genie Bomber24 Aug 2013 17:4819  
WA20, tests or a hint neededPrankMaN1332. Genie Bomber24 Aug 2013 17:230  
To admins: does test1 coincide with the sample test from problem statement?lenny1332. Genie Bomber21 Dec 2012 19:120  
WA on Test 9Golovnev Sasha1332. Genie Bomber20 Jul 2012 03:565  
Funny precision trouble and WA14Anatoly1332. Genie Bomber11 Mar 2012 13:480  
Problem 1332 Genie Bomber. Tests addedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1332. Genie Bomber1 Nov 2011 17:050  
hint: wa13ASK1332. Genie Bomber19 Oct 2010 03:240  
WA10 helpGiorgi Saghinadze (Tbilisi SU)1332. Genie Bomber1 Mar 2007 01:433  
W A 13 TEST HELP SOS PLEASE!!!!!!Виктор Крупко1332. Genie Bomber1 Feb 2007 23:575  
why TLE on test 13 ? I use corect N^3 algorithmCatalin Tiseanu1332. Genie Bomber1 Feb 2007 23:521  
How solve this problem with N <= 1000?Matov Dmitry1332. Genie Bomber20 Jun 2006 13:426  
can anybody tell me why do they give me a compilation error?cublisan1332. Genie Bomber30 Jan 2006 22:434  
why wa?Shteiner Sergei1332. Genie Bomber30 Jan 2006 21:379  
WA #9 Zerolog1c [LNU]1332. Genie Bomber5 Dec 2005 21:550  
Compilation error, I not understand WHY. code hereACM.Anatoliy 'Tolyan_NO' Tolstobroff1332. Genie Bomber21 Oct 2005 17:530  
What is the algorithm for this test?VALERO1332. Genie Bomber2 Oct 2005 01:050  
WA on test 13 too :(Bhaskara Aditya1332. Genie Bomber4 Jul 2005 07:580  

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