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Discussion of Problem 1334. Checkers

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Те у кого wa2, 6, 22 и тдToshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1334. Checkers11 Apr 2020 16:041  
Вопрос по правилам игрыArtem1334. Checkers18 Jun 2018 23:311  
There is NOTHING WRONG with this problem!Armen Tsirunyan1334. Checkers8 Apr 2014 13:312  
Need Your Help with test #22Nikita1334. Checkers2 Oct 2013 23:313  
HINT for this problem: with EVERY detail you want.198808xc1334. Checkers16 Sep 2012 22:164  
beware! problem statement is absolutely correct nowmuhammad1334. Checkers21 Feb 2011 11:312  
WA#24Tigran92(Rau)1334. Checkers16 Oct 2010 01:301  
So many wrong solutions... Why? It's simple...Moonstone1334. Checkers11 Aug 2010 20:041  
add some testxMagGTU Дмитрий Тишкин GPRS1334. Checkers10 Oct 2009 00:133  
To admins: Check the tests or fix the problem statementRASTA1334. Checkers22 Apr 2009 20:203  
Why WA#6? The problem is really strange...BlackShark1334. Checkers12 Feb 2009 12:511  
Weak tests!!!Fyodor Menshikov1334. Checkers22 Jan 2009 00:224  
Admins! there is mistakeTural Neymanov1334. Checkers8 Jul 2008 10:422  
OOOOOOOOh! I hate this problem!CF# /*Anoshin,Sotov,Khuramshin*/1334. Checkers8 Mar 2007 21:341  
Admins!!!I I got AC with incomplete program!!! Look at this test pleaseAyhan Aliyev [BOTL]1334. Checkers21 Nov 2006 02:302  
To AC this problem...CO21334. Checkers5 Apr 2006 20:131  
May be anyone will tell me what's wrong with this?Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1334. Checkers20 Nov 2005 19:521  
Admins! Will you fix this problem is this century?GaLL1334. Checkers9 Aug 2005 15:251  
Whats wrong?Burunduk11334. Checkers17 Jun 2005 16:015  
Questionvano_B11334. Checkers6 Jun 2005 22:493  

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