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Discussion of Problem 1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel

be aware of '\n' in the endIoann [Samara U]1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel15 Feb 2022 20:130  
acceptedMikhail1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel12 May 2018 20:570  
It's very easy problemZamNick1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel28 Mar 2018 04:435  
test 11 ......sad....xinxin1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel7 Oct 2016 20:060  
test 11 ......sad....xinxin1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel7 Oct 2016 20:040  
gcc vs ms vcssau_nazarov_yuriy_pavlovich1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel12 Jul 2013 19:501  
it is'nt problem !Mattiev Jamol1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel2 Jul 2013 16:580  
WHY WA#12name1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel19 Sep 2012 02:551  
WTF ?=NeRRouZ=1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel9 Oct 2011 12:431  
Too easyDan Manastireanu1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel27 Aug 2010 02:391  
WA7tornike1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel8 Feb 2009 21:470  
Spaces in tests. Wrong tests?Teacher301336. Problem of Ben Betsalel19 Jan 2009 03:091  
For Java solution, you must use "long", not "int".. ;-)AnyoneNeedingHelp1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel30 Nov 2008 04:170  
I think the author forgot the conditition that it's necessary to find the smallest m and k, otherwise the problem looks very poor?Protsenko Sergey[Ivanovo SPU]1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel24 Jul 2008 22:021  
i have problems with 12 test.What is wrongIgor1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel24 Jul 2008 21:082  
it is very very very easy Ferman1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel24 Jul 2008 21:071  
it is very very very easy Ferman1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel12 Jan 2008 01:060  
why get 'ac' used ""pascl"" ?but....lian lian1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel3 Jan 2008 18:272  
Why if to remove m=n*n and k=n. wrong answer??????/Виктор Крупко1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel23 Dec 2006 19:2415  
wrong problem??? or reading problem?marius dumitran1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel3 Nov 2006 06:293  

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