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Discussion of Problem 1340. Cucaracha

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Not a word about input precisionSirko1340. Cucaracha1 Feb 2019 23:071  
WA27Ade [FDU]1340. Cucaracha24 Jul 2017 19:092  
WA#3Justin Lil1340. Cucaracha14 Jun 2016 05:461  
Accepted from the first attempt!Korduban [Kiev]1340. Cucaracha3 Dec 2015 13:142  
AnswerSid1340. Cucaracha27 Aug 2008 22:154  
How can cockroach reach the crump...Sid1340. Cucaracha27 Aug 2008 11:464  
What mean...Dembel {AESC USU}1340. Cucaracha27 Aug 2008 11:442  
People from USU please help the first-year student!!!ErOPb|4(Lesnoy. Sverdlovskaya obl.)[USU]1340. Cucaracha6 Aug 2008 23:064  
Why WA#3ErOPb|41340. Cucaracha26 Jul 2008 19:112  
AC at last :) These tests have helped me:Burunduk11340. Cucaracha12 May 2006 23:341  
Something strange (+)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1340. Cucaracha2 Apr 2005 18:013  

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