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Discussion of Problem 1346. Intervals of Monotonicity

All forum test passed, by wa21MassterMax🤔`~1346. Intervals of Monotonicity12 Jul 2020 07:041  
WA25Ulugbek#&1346. Intervals of Monotonicity2 May 2020 20:371  
small hintmd1346. Intervals of Monotonicity4 Nov 2017 16:542  
Some tests to clear problem definition (+)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1346. Intervals of Monotonicity28 Jun 2017 05:2616  
if you get WA #21notbot1346. Intervals of Monotonicity17 Mar 2017 09:000  
Solved WA #21 with the following testyeguzi1346. Intervals of Monotonicity24 Oct 2016 21:210  
wa #29 :((Tusnad Nobrovirski1346. Intervals of Monotonicity28 Sep 2016 01:232  
to admins:esbybb1346. Intervals of Monotonicity14 Mar 2016 00:230  
if WA28gamepro1346. Intervals of Monotonicity5 Dec 2015 12:020  
greedyhliu201346. Intervals of Monotonicity23 May 2013 13:380  
DP problem?Andrew Sboev1346. Intervals of Monotonicity4 Sep 2012 14:391  
The statement is badAlexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1346. Intervals of Monotonicity3 Jun 2012 19:591  
WA 28 ???Aleksander1346. Intervals of Monotonicity3 Dec 2010 22:082  
If you have WA#21JTim1346. Intervals of Monotonicity10 Aug 2010 14:305  
And anothe input...Bandera1346. Intervals of Monotonicity10 Mar 2010 19:011  
Problem inputNick Permyakov1346. Intervals of Monotonicity24 Jan 2009 01:003  
WA #5sc921346. Intervals of Monotonicity5 Apr 2007 20:140  
9ФерПИ_31346. Intervals of Monotonicity4 Aug 2006 13:202  
I'm WA in #21. Can somebody help me ? Thanks a lot .Short_gun1346. Intervals of Monotonicity21 Dec 2005 09:150  
0.031s 57kbВиктор Крупко1346. Intervals of Monotonicity14 Jun 2005 02:022  

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