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Discussion of Problem 1352. Mersenne Primes

HintKirill~1352. Mersenne Primes19 Mar 2022 11:520  
acceptedMikhail1352. Mersenne Primes16 May 2018 01:220  
How to solve this problem without cheating? Yaroslavtsev Grigory (SpbSPU)1352. Mersenne Primes13 Aug 2016 19:2810  
Easy :Dmr_sinjster1352. Mersenne Primes20 Oct 2015 02:020  
largest known mersenne primesjk_qq1352. Mersenne Primes12 Dec 2013 01:290  
NumbersAdhambek1352. Mersenne Primes30 Oct 2013 12:570  
My program can calculate first 16 numbers in one secondPetrenuk (NNSTU)1352. Mersenne Primes1 Jan 2012 09:221  
0.001 vs 0.015AB&B1352. Mersenne Primes30 Jun 2010 11:291  
No subjectIrogKoval(from Pskov)1352. Mersenne Primes18 Feb 2010 20:130  
What is the point?jagatsastry1352. Mersenne Primes13 Feb 2010 22:401  
Problem in condition! For admins.[SESC USU] Zhirov Eugene1352. Mersenne Primes13 Feb 2010 22:360  
ROFLNikita Artyushov (SPb SU, mat-meh)1352. Mersenne Primes30 Oct 2009 21:550  
Check this sequence, PLEASE!Alex Stoff1352. Mersenne Primes4 Mar 2009 10:358  
)))))))))Ras Misha [t4ce]1352. Mersenne Primes25 May 2008 14:561  
array of constsUran1352. Mersenne Primes23 Apr 2007 17:050  
WA#1Paradox(Petrosian Alexander)~1352. Mersenne Primes14 Apr 2007 22:214  
WHY WRONG ANSWER HELP ME!TRTR1352. Mersenne Primes5 Apr 2007 11:372  
I really don't understand!!!!ALL IS OK,BUT WA!!!!!!!CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1352. Mersenne Primes28 Mar 2007 00:362  
Why CRASH VIOLATION TEST5!!!WuLF1352. Mersenne Primes27 Jul 2006 14:471  
Funny!Katy1352. Mersenne Primes9 Jul 2006 23:542  

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