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Discussion of Problem 1353. Milliard Vasya's Function

Easy Approach HINTSai Teja Chokkarapu1353. Milliard Vasya's Function31 Jul 2020 12:420  
С++ code for brute forceD4nick1353. Milliard Vasya's Function11 Mar 2020 14:390  
hintDesserg1353. Milliard Vasya's Function27 Dec 2019 10:440  
HINTMichael Jordan1353. Milliard Vasya's Function28 Jan 2019 14:430  
what is the meaning of this problem??Abbos Bo'kaboyev1353. Milliard Vasya's Function21 Nov 2018 16:510  
It's very easy to overcome TLE.balandini1353. Milliard Vasya's Function25 Feb 2018 04:493  
Why this DP solution doesnt work? Dmitriy1353. Milliard Vasya's Function13 Feb 2018 06:227  
For people, who have TLE.Dima_Philippov1353. Milliard Vasya's Function1 Dec 2016 23:438  
all tests pleaseEvilcookie2281353. Milliard Vasya's Function13 Sep 2016 17:020  
Getting WA#2. Anybody got the test case?Schwinn1353. Milliard Vasya's Function26 Mar 2016 14:351  
Can anyone tell me the answer for s=10?Grigor Gevorgian1353. Milliard Vasya's Function30 Nov 2015 22:183  
Recursive solution works fine! If you are getting TLE, Rethink your DP state :)Pradyumna Bang1353. Milliard Vasya's Function30 Nov 2015 22:170  
My recursive solution passed i want to convert it to iterative. Need helpNikhil1353. Milliard Vasya's Function2 Oct 2015 22:261  
test#11 to admins!!!AndrKonin1353. Milliard Vasya's Function16 Aug 2015 03:171  
Can you give me some testNujarin1353. Milliard Vasya's Function23 Apr 2015 17:544  
If you have TL (with recursion)Evgeny Shulgin1353. Milliard Vasya's Function1 Mar 2015 13:050  
HintPrankMaN1353. Milliard Vasya's Function30 Sep 2014 22:122  
To admins: Reduce Time limitGeorgi_georgiev1353. Milliard Vasya's Function25 Aug 2013 17:013  
o(1) solutionArseniy1353. Milliard Vasya's Function1 Jul 2013 23:300  
WA2 or is it?alpha900i1353. Milliard Vasya's Function3 Jun 2013 17:051  

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