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Discussion of Problem 1355. Bald Spot Revisited

Very Easy Problem used Sieve algorithm and got acceptedAnwar1355. Bald Spot Revisited8 Dec 2022 02:272  
test2Igor1355. Bald Spot Revisited19 Jan 2019 15:092  
What's wrong?Avyatkin1355. Bald Spot Revisited26 Nov 2018 18:410  
WA #4Avyatkin1355. Bald Spot Revisited22 Nov 2018 23:420  
What should I output If a=1?Alexey1355. Bald Spot Revisited13 May 2017 22:275  
No subjectTESTER1355. Bald Spot Revisited16 Mar 2015 21:262  
Problem Statement......Jaideva1355. Bald Spot Revisited22 Jan 2015 01:281  
Weak tests!balandini1355. Bald Spot Revisited27 Jan 2014 18:365  
Some Test for you...Adhambek1355. Bald Spot Revisited2 Jan 2014 23:281  
Template for a testing. C++Oleksandr Ushkalenko1355. Bald Spot Revisited9 Feb 2013 22:140  
Hints[RSU_Tash]Nodirbek_Kuklamov1355. Bald Spot Revisited18 Nov 2011 19:030  
WA #6, test ???cs_Diablo1355. Bald Spot Revisited22 Sep 2011 13:120  
Quite easy but...Katy1355. Bald Spot Revisited4 Aug 2011 19:562  
OneTest Case HereVarun Sharma1355. Bald Spot Revisited4 Aug 2011 19:472  
if a > b printf("0\n")ZLqiang1355. Bald Spot Revisited29 Jul 2011 16:450  
Access violation on test 3. Why?Slava Muravjev1355. Bald Spot Revisited8 Oct 2010 02:570  
What's wrong? (Test 2) vlad1355. Bald Spot Revisited5 Apr 2010 05:132  
TestsTodor Tsonkov1355. Bald Spot Revisited24 Jan 2009 22:322  
Problem is in incorrect.Ilya001(Java)1355. Bald Spot Revisited17 Dec 2008 10:373  
TLE#3Mihran Hovsepyan {1 kurs of <RAU>}1355. Bald Spot Revisited24 Jul 2008 16:051  

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