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Discussion of Problem 1365. Testing Calculator

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Running the java appletWhyyes1365. Testing Calculator23 May 2019 02:312  
Strange behaviorbsu.mmf.team1365. Testing Calculator22 Apr 2019 18:121  
notice:Shen Yang1365. Testing Calculator17 Jul 2017 13:061  
little hint.xurshid_n1365. Testing Calculator13 Dec 2011 02:251  
To ADMINS: orphography mistakebsu.mmf.team1365. Testing Calculator21 Apr 2010 11:492  
No subjectSergey Lazarev (MSU Tashkent)1365. Testing Calculator3 Aug 2009 19:001  
Very nice problem ;)Burunduk11365. Testing Calculator14 Jun 2007 21:302  
Test #8Alexander Kouprin1365. Testing Calculator11 Jun 2007 04:131  
why module nothing output for test ")"?anus (USU)1365. Testing Calculator21 May 2006 23:402  
Are there any numbers in the string? (is it always so)Burunduk11365. Testing Calculator11 May 2006 23:513  
Strange ???Antonov Yuri (USU)1365. Testing Calculator4 Aug 2005 23:245  
What's wrong? the module always outputs "java.util.ArrayList"??Safe Bird1365. Testing Calculator6 May 2005 11:592  

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