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Discussion of Problem 1369. Cockroach Race

custom input to get AC 0.483 and 1 984 KB memory (~26ms for ~2.25MB input)Orient1369. Cockroach Race10 Apr 2018 14:350  
epsOrient1369. Cockroach Race13 Feb 2018 15:323  
asm tipsOrient1369. Cockroach Race11 Feb 2018 13:261  
Input precision
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lxn1369. Cockroach Race21 Dec 2017 21:1030  
Who had a Wrong Answer in 5 th test ? What mistake may be there ?Escarabajo1369. Cockroach Race4 Oct 2017 14:142  
Can be the number of sweet pieces equal 0 ??Escarabajo1369. Cockroach Race7 Sep 2017 17:200  
Memory limit in javapilosofi1369. Cockroach Race5 Sep 2017 19:332  
Please, what kind of test in #6 test?T_e_n_Jl_bl_u1369. Cockroach Race2 Sep 2017 05:382  
haha 1.6 s AC ,congratulation to myself>....Shen Yang1369. Cockroach Race6 Mar 2017 22:153  
Problem 1369 "Cockroach Race". Time limit decreasedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1369. Cockroach Race15 Jun 2016 07:3717  
How to implement this with Voronoi diagramal13n1369. Cockroach Race31 May 2016 20:451  
Precisionlxn1369. Cockroach Race31 May 2016 18:160  
No subjectOrient1369. Cockroach Race28 Apr 2016 18:590  
To adminsAlex Vistyazh [Ivye School]1369. Cockroach Race10 Jan 2016 04:280  
Is this a valid test case?Ade [FDU]1369. Cockroach Race28 Mar 2014 03:361  
Any ideas about test #16? (+)Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП)1369. Cockroach Race3 Apr 2013 21:272  
No subj (-)Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП)1369. Cockroach Race26 Mar 2013 04:200  
Different Russian and English version:xurshid_n1369. Cockroach Race26 May 2012 19:421  
Please, decrease time limit!!! My bruteforce solution (with trivial precalc) passed all tests with 4.953s!!Shellkunchik1369. Cockroach Race30 Jul 2011 00:000  
почему невернЬІй ответ?Andriy_Zhyvchyn1369. Cockroach Race6 Jul 2011 18:320  

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