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Discussion of Problem 1371. Cargo Agency

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Get rid of WA#19Mahilewets1371. Cargo Agency13 Jul 2017 10:371  
WA3💻Evgeny Nemtsev [UrFU]`1371. Cargo Agency11 Feb 2017 17:091  
WA 17Felix_Mate1371. Cargo Agency21 Feb 2016 20:281  
Some testsZerolog1c [LNU]1371. Cargo Agency21 Feb 2016 17:173  
Is my idea right?Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1371. Cargo Agency7 Sep 2015 22:392  
-Mickkie1371. Cargo Agency8 Jan 2014 19:231  
Why WA5 ?hliu201371. Cargo Agency25 May 2013 15:111  
if you crash #25, use this pragma can get AClongmenwaideyu1371. Cargo Agency30 Jul 2012 09:171  
iif you crash #25, use bfs instead of bfs and got AC :Dhoan1371. Cargo Agency2 Aug 2011 11:472  
Why I have WA#19...BAron1371. Cargo Agency2 Aug 2011 11:462  
WA #21 Why?Vedernikoff Sergey1371. Cargo Agency2 Aug 2011 11:396  
To ADMIN: There might be invisible tricks in Test #23.198808xc1371. Cargo Agency7 Dec 2010 22:165  
Invalid checker?Fyodor Menshikov1371. Cargo Agency13 May 2009 02:023  
Memory limitFyodor Menshikov1371. Cargo Agency8 May 2009 15:182  
Incorrect limitationFyodor Menshikov1371. Cargo Agency8 May 2009 01:592  
AlgoSid1371. Cargo Agency28 Jan 2009 01:584  
Why TLE 13???Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1371. Cargo Agency25 Jan 2009 17:091  
Precision questionSamsonov Alex [USU]1371. Cargo Agency19 Aug 2008 03:5613  

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