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Discussion of Problem 1373. Pictura ex Machina

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hint:for who tle#17Lan Jun1373. Pictura ex Machina3 Apr 2018 03:192  
WA 1💻Evgeny Nemtsev [UrFU FT-17]'`1373. Pictura ex Machina21 Apr 2017 02:192  
Can anybody explain the sample please?WinTokk1373. Pictura ex Machina1 Dec 2014 08:386  
Some testsalp1373. Pictura ex Machina29 Aug 2012 23:071  
WA #8Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1373. Pictura ex Machina31 Oct 2010 23:453  
Interesting but useless thingbsu.mmf.team1373. Pictura ex Machina14 Feb 2010 00:401  
SolutionSchool30 T21373. Pictura ex Machina30 Nov 2008 03:403  
TO ADMINS: Invalid Test #11 (-)DixonD (Lviv NU)1373. Pictura ex Machina31 Dec 2007 02:284  
Look at that....PSV1373. Pictura ex Machina2 Apr 2007 17:461  
Help! How recognize empty inputSavva'S1373. Pictura ex Machina4 Feb 2007 12:083  
WA#16khanh45a3kct1373. Pictura ex Machina2 Feb 2007 05:451  
To AdminsA Dying Wish1373. Pictura ex Machina3 Dec 2006 20:552  
Why WA#1?Zubyk Taras(Khmelnitsky)1373. Pictura ex Machina7 May 2006 22:531  
Why WA on test 8? Someone1373. Pictura ex Machina12 Dec 2005 23:383  
WA 8ZiV1373. Pictura ex Machina12 Dec 2005 22:491  

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