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Discussion of Problem 1375. Bill Clevers

EasyInstouT941375. Bill Clevers12 Feb 2021 14:280  
O(p^2) worksbuyolitsez`~1375. Bill Clevers10 Aug 2020 11:520  
It is useful for you...Adhambek1375. Bill Clevers26 May 2014 22:391  
'Prime or not?' && 'WA test 8'Евгения1375. Bill Clevers25 Mar 2012 18:440  
I have AC in (0.093)Yusupov Azat(UB of TUIT)1375. Bill Clevers14 Oct 2010 10:450  
WHY O(10^12) SOLUTION GET AC?muhammad1375. Bill Clevers11 Jul 2010 12:420  
Weak time limitFyodor Menshikov1375. Bill Clevers22 Feb 2010 13:381  
Memory troubles?2rf1375. Bill Clevers7 Jun 2009 22:422  
Misspelled problem nameFyodor Menshikov1375. Bill Clevers19 Mar 2009 11:591  
Is there a faster solution than O(N)?(-)SPIRiT1375. Bill Clevers31 Oct 2008 21:013  
Problem 1375 "Bill Clevers". New tests were added (+)Sandro (USU)1375. Bill Clevers29 Oct 2008 02:413  
2admins: TLE?Experimenter1375. Bill Clevers30 Sep 2008 19:510  
admins - simple mistakeTural Neymanov1375. Bill Clevers5 Aug 2008 15:020  
why I have WA#10?test_programs1375. Bill Clevers1 Apr 2007 19:502  
WA#5khanh45a3kct1375. Bill Clevers11 Mar 2007 08:530  
UncorrectAlexander Kouprin1375. Bill Clevers10 Mar 2007 01:562  
In fact,solution always exist.And brute force can AC in 0.015secYu Yuanming1375. Bill Clevers15 Jan 2007 00:393  
Maybe something wrong?ftc1375. Bill Clevers16 Oct 2006 23:550  
WA#10 (without overflow). Help.Alex Stoff1375. Bill Clevers11 Oct 2005 23:043  
WoW AC on 11 lines.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1375. Bill Clevers15 Sep 2005 01:371  

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