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Discussion of Problem 1378. Artificial Intelligence

wa7👑TIMOFEY👑1378. Artificial Intelligence26 Aug 2023 17:110  
Circles can be quite hardly deformedIgor Parfenov1378. Artificial Intelligence3 Jul 2023 17:430  
How to solve this problem with 150KB??Victor Barinov (TNU)1378. Artificial Intelligence31 Jul 2018 22:367  
What is in the test 26?[kubsu] Eugene Kudinov1378. Artificial Intelligence18 Dec 2016 22:110  
2 Admins: AC but..AIT1378. Artificial Intelligence15 Jun 2016 21:510  
Where is the mistake, WA 4Outermeasure1378. Artificial Intelligence24 Dec 2014 00:230  
endless cycleaprogrom (MUCTR)1378. Artificial Intelligence18 Mar 2014 03:010  
Test 14Sergey Naumenko (MUCTR)1378. Artificial Intelligence1 Nov 2013 02:370  
I think, some tests are not correctVedernikoff Sergey1378. Artificial Intelligence25 Oct 2013 07:431  
WA 25Al.Cash1378. Artificial Intelligence30 Jul 2013 11:412  
Please, check test 37Teacher30 (Burunduk1)1378. Artificial Intelligence9 Jan 2012 00:052  
What is in the test 17?savask1378. Artificial Intelligence5 Dec 2011 21:180  
test 32NeMo1378. Artificial Intelligence4 Nov 2011 04:191  
Question about "image" borders in tests. Admins, help me!zoltar1378. Artificial Intelligence27 Jun 2011 18:522  
Admins: Please check test 7AterLux1378. Artificial Intelligence6 May 2011 18:492  
2 Admins: weak testsDK [Samara SAU]1378. Artificial Intelligence9 Oct 2010 22:220  
WA #17...ashim1378. Artificial Intelligence30 Sep 2010 14:421  
If you are stuckvoid1378. Artificial Intelligence3 Aug 2010 03:140  
Good problem, I enjoyed it.Anisimov Dmitry1378. Artificial Intelligence13 Nov 2009 15:591  
Why I can't pass the 7'th test?Pavel1378. Artificial Intelligence12 Apr 2008 18:570  

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