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Discussion of Problem 1380. Ostap's Chess

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Nice prob. Some tests here :)BdE1380. Ostap's Chess12 Sep 2018 00:222  
To adminsgraf-m1380. Ostap's Chess18 Aug 2016 05:141  
If WA#9Timur Sitdikov (MSU Tashkent)1380. Ostap's Chess11 Jan 2016 03:382  
I don't think this is a good problem.Element1380. Ostap's Chess14 Aug 2013 13:112  
WA 28pperm1380. Ostap's Chess2 Nov 2010 16:081  
finally accepted =)fEndEr[Solikamsk]1380. Ostap's Chess25 Dec 2008 16:011  
Be careful ( clarification )Antonov Yuri (USU)1380. Ostap's Chess14 Dec 2005 23:592  
For anyone who got ACAntonov Yuri (USU)1380. Ostap's Chess10 Dec 2005 00:261  
FOR EVERYBODY!!!Leo1380. Ostap's Chess21 Oct 2005 23:401  
To ejudgeAndrey Mokhov1380. Ostap's Chess28 Sep 2005 14:288  
toejudge2Orenburg SU 71380. Ostap's Chess27 Sep 2005 00:421  
outputLiviu Ciortea1380. Ostap's Chess26 Sep 2005 20:041  

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