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Discussion of Problem 1383. Flower-garden Designs

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WA#2 Help PLSVirus TI1383. Flower-garden Designs21 Apr 2020 20:352  
Clarification needed.Mickkie1383. Flower-garden Designs22 Sep 2019 20:011  
Can there be equal points in one design?Al.Cash1383. Flower-garden Designs7 Jul 2009 15:011  
This problem stunned me. How to solve it? Any hit. Please.Ilya Grebnov[Ivanovo SPU]1383. Flower-garden Designs17 May 2006 15:341  
Checking over. Rejudge soon:)Safe Bird1383. Flower-garden Designs28 Nov 2005 14:533  
Admins! Please, check test #39! Is it correct?Valrus1383. Flower-garden Designs18 Nov 2005 16:109  
2 Admins, plz correct english text.Ivankov Dmitry1383. Flower-garden Designs31 Oct 2005 01:482  
OutputDWED1383. Flower-garden Designs15 Oct 2005 21:011  

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