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Discussion of Problem 1389. Roadworks

Page 2
TO WA30ELEN1389. Roadworks6 Jul 2018 09:380  
WA5 test (AC program)Gleb1389. Roadworks2 Jul 2018 14:150  
WA 11So Sui Ming1389. Roadworks6 Sep 2017 15:000  
ИдеяFelix_Mate1389. Roadworks5 Jul 2015 12:290  
Can you give me some TEST i have WA 30. Thank youTukenov1389. Roadworks3 Jul 2015 14:361  
WA 30Disintegrator1389. Roadworks18 Nov 2019 19:143  
Page 1
Problem 1389 "Roadworks" was rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1389. Roadworks4 Apr 2014 11:333  
explain recent rejudge?Vyacheslav Kim1389. Roadworks21 Mar 2014 02:401  
To admins: Test data is really, really, really weakDouglas Cardoso1389. Roadworks23 Jun 2012 13:471  
The next K lines should describe these roads in the same form as they were given in the input.Edric Mao1389. Roadworks12 Nov 2011 15:000  
Some test cases [AC]Lucas Negri1389. Roadworks11 Aug 2013 18:092  
How to be fast?Artem Khizha [DNU]1389. Roadworks13 Dec 2011 15:351  
TO ADMINS: weak testdataOracle[Lviv NU]1389. Roadworks13 Nov 2009 18:170  
Can you give me test #14? my program is crashdmitri_quick1389. Roadworks6 Dec 2010 22:081  
biparite matchingBaurzhan1389. Roadworks6 Jul 2011 18:116  
WA#5! Please help!!!Crash_access_violation1389. Roadworks10 Aug 2009 13:160  
what means the subject ?lian lian1389. Roadworks15 Feb 2009 18:000  
I have WA#2 please help me!!!Husan1389. Roadworks28 Nov 2006 07:141  
I have #WA2 please help me!!!Husan1389. Roadworks27 Nov 2006 18:560  
I think something wrong with limitationsNechaev Ilya (Rybinsk SAAT)1389. Roadworks11 Nov 2006 03:432  
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